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Parotta Master is an authentic South Indian takeaway with recipes that predominantly originate from Tamil Nadu. Our mission is to provide high-quality, deliciously soft Parottas which can absorb our flavour-rich, tested and perfected Salnas. Expect our dishes to be wonderfully comforting both in aroma and taste.


Our Food Considerations

We pride ourselves in providing pure vegetarian options with no compromise in flavour through our eggless Parottas and veg Salna. Furthermore all meat used is 100% Halal.


Our Packaging

We are extremely proud of our unique and authentic packaging which is a conscious effort to deliver an accurate representation of the Indian 'parcel' takeaway. The Parottas are first placed in a banana leaf and then wrapped in a bespoke newspaper-esque greaseproof paper, the wrapping is then held together by a simple packaging string. This keeps your Parottas beautifully warm and stops it from drying out, ensuring quality of the food is at no point compromised. The packaging is also far more sustainable than standard takeaway containers.

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